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About Us


Our Story

Resperate Inc. and its parent company 2breathe Technologies Ltd. pioneers the development of digital therapeutic devices, first the RESPeRATE to lower blood pressure naturally and now for sleeplessness. Our original product, RESPeRATE® is the world’s first FDA-cleared, non-drug hypertension treatment device now used by hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide and featured in the American Heart Association statement on non-pharmacological treatments.

The award-winning 2breathe Sleep Inducer was developed after finding that RESPeRATE users reported dozing off during sessions, and over 90% of them reported improved sleep. We decided to turn the “side effect into a feature” and redesigned RESPeRATE real-time coaching guided-breathing technology into a sleek smartphone powered consumer product to help the millions of healthy individuals suffering sleeplessness. 2breathe sleep inducer was awarded the 2017 CES innovation award in the fitness, health and biotech category.

Soft-Tones Pillow Speaker was originally designed for 2breathe users prospects who feared the guiding tones might wake up their bed partner. Once we received the first prototype we realized that its unique curving design provides a great sound experience for everyone.

Our Team

Erez Gavish

CEO & Co-Founder

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Dr. Benjamin Gavish

Chief Science Officer & Co-Founder

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Dr. Rowena Sobczyk, MD

Medical Director

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Yossy Roitburd

VP IT & Operations

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Eran Schul

VP Production

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Yasmin Gavish

iOS lead developer

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Eli Ben-Yehuda

Customer Service Manager & Head of Content

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Peter Frishauf


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