2breathe Lite Beta test application

Thank you for your interest in 2breathe beta testing group. Your opinions and feedback will help us innovative and improve our offering to sleeplessness sufferers.The beta testing and questionnaires are geared for the individual 2breathe Lite user. If you like to add a loved one to the beta test simply fill a separate application and will email them an additional login information.All the information you are providing will be kept confidential.
  • Not at all botheredSlightly botheredModerately botheredSeverely bothered
    One or more awakening after getting to sleep
    Not getting enough sleep
    Sleep that doesn’t fully refresh you
    Poor alertness during the daytime
    Difficulty keeping your thoughts focused
    Others noticing you appeared tired or fatigued
    Too many difficulties to overcome
    Bad mood(s) because you had poor sleep
    Lack of energy because of poor sleep
    Poor sleep that interferes with your relationship
    Being unable to sleep
    Being able to do only enough to get by
  • ExcellentGoodFairPoor
    Your sleep quality, compared to most people
    Your satisfaction with your sleep
    The regularity of your sleep
    The soundness of your sleep