2breathe: Sound Asleep

Fall asleep effortlessly. Wake up refreshed.

Relieves pre-sleep tension

Calms mind and body

Results within days

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How It Works

2breathe is a smart device that helps you sleep better by reducing the pre-sleep tension, the main cause for falling asleep and mid-night wake ups issues..

2breathe is mesmerizing

2breathe uses smart patented technology to deliver the ancient wisdom of sleep-inducing breathing exercises in an easy and effective manner.

All you have to do is follow the guiding tones composed just for you. reduced relaxing your mind & body toward sleep.

Results within Days

Use for as little as 10-minutes a day.

Fall asleep effortlessly within days. Wake up more refreshed and experience better sleep within a few weeks, as the effects of daily session accumulate.

Why 2breathe Works

Poor sleep typically reflects heightened pre-sleep tension: A ‘vicious cycle’ that includes daily stress, intrusive thoughts resulting in elevated sympathetic neural activity.

To quiet our racing thoughts, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends deep breathing exercises [29, 30]. The problem is that sleep-inducing breathing exercises are highly specific, difficult to master, and require concentration to do correctly.

2breathe enables anyone to perform highly effective breathing exercises without prior training or conscious effort using patented real-time coaching technology. It captivates the racing mind, keeping it focused on breathing via its guiding tones.

The whole breathing synchronization and prolonging the exhalation process happens subliminally in a way you can’t do on your own.

The tones guide the breathing via the emotional part of the brains and not the “decision-making” cognitive part of the brain, as other methods such as counting or “thinking about it” tend to do.


Medical Technology Adopted For Sleep

Used by hundreds of thousands of patients and is featured in the American Heart Association statement on non-pharmacological treatments.

When 90% of hypertension users surveyed, reported that it also improved their sleep, we adopted the technology for smartphones and created the 2breathe platform to induce sleep.


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