“This device has had an amazing impact on my life”
This device has had an amazing impact on my life. Though I would never rule out Divine intervention, I had become resigned to using prescription medication to treat my high blood pressure for the rest of my life. I had done everything in my own power to lower my blood pressure. I maintained a healthy weight, exercised, practiced healthy eating, regularly visited the chiropractor and got massage therapy but still saw no change.
“Suzanne, you hold your breath,” my massage therapist told me bluntly one day. “I’ve known you for a while, so I can tell you, ‘You hold your breath ‘!” She began to coach me in my breathing, making me aware of the value of breathing consciously. Sometime after that I saw an advertisement for RESPeRATE in Parade Magazine. My reaction was, “Why not try it? If nothing else, it will provide some relaxation and stress relief.” Well, it did much more than that.

“There are no words to describe my joy at having found out about RESPeRATE”
I have been using RESPeRATE for over a year and not only is it keeping my blood pressure down but it relaxes me like nothing else ever could.
I usually use the machine for 15 minutes in the morning and at night every day. I do find myself every so often just about ready to doze off!

There have been times when I got myself really worked up over something during the day and didn’t like the stress/anxiety that I was feeling. So I went on my RESPeRATE, and like magic, I was calm again.

I take this little machine every time we go on vacation; I wouldn’t even consider going anyplace without it. I set myself up in our library in an overstuffed chair with my feet up and off I go.




Rita Benintendi, 54, OR-USA

RESPeRATE. Normal Blood Pressure Without Medication!

I have been using RESPeRATE for a little over five years now and I swear by it! My doctor wanted to put me on high blood pressure medication but I didn’t want to take them. My mother had high blood pressure and passed away from kidney disease; a result of the medications they had prescribed her for her high blood pressure. Within a few months of using RESPeRATE my blood pressure dropped about 20 points! I have used it faithfully for the past five years and my blood pressure has remained in the 120/72 area for all those years. Thanks, Resperate. You have been great for me and kept me off medication!


Jasbir Deol M.D, 79 Philadelphia, PA, USA.

RESPeRATE. A Surgeon’s Perspective.

“As a cardiac, trauma, and general surgeon, my life was very stressful at times. In 2000, I was taking a beta-blocker, a diuretic, and an  ace inhibitor to regulate my high blood pressure. Concerned with potential side effects, I looked for an alternative to the medications, and that is when I read about RESPeRATE.

I had read the book, “Mayo Clinic on High Blood: Pressure Taking Charge of Your High Blood Pressure” By Sheldon Sheps M.D.  In this book the Mayo Clinic recommended RESPeRATE for the treatment of high blood pressure. As a surgeon, for me, the Mayo Clinic is the ultimate medical facility in the world, and if they recommended it I was going to try it.

I can tell you that this device has been a God send to me. 2 weeks after using the machine my blood pressure started to trend down. 8 weeks after I started using the device I was taken off my ACE inhibitor. If I do not use it I do not feel well that day. RESPeRATE replicates the “Pranayama Yoga” art of breathing.

RESPeRATE works by accessing the parasympathetic nervous system and it lowers your blood pressure. To me it is very relaxing. I also use it to induce sleep. RESPeRATE puts my sympathetic nervous system to sleep and wakes up my parasympathetic system. I am usually asleep in 30 minutes. I would recommend this device to friends, family, colleagues and you the reader. I have used RESPeRATE faithfully for 16 years. For me RESPeRATE has passed the most important test. The Test of time.”


Phyllis Shea 56, VT, USA

“With RESPeRATE I am Calmer Throughout My Day”

“I started using Resperate about eight years ago when my blood pressure became borderline high.  I had gone to the Mayo Clinic website to see what lifestyle changes they recommended, and I was already doing everything except for their last suggestion, which was to use the Resperate, so I bought one.  Within a couple of months my blood pressure went down 5-10 points, so I continued to use it five days a week, and I noticed that I definitely felt calmer throughout the day.   After a while I also noticed a correlation between how I slept and whether or not I used the Resperate that day.  On days when I used it, I’d fall asleep easily and stay that way all night.  But without the Resperate, I’d usually wake up at some point and toss and turn.  So I now use it every day.  I’m really thankful it exists”


Lee Jackson

“RESPeRATE Combat Ready!

“I bought one of your RESPeRATE machines back in 2009, and still have it. I bought it because I was being deployed to Iraq and had to ensure that my blood pressure was within healthy limits (or I would have to go on meds). I was then 57 years old. Without meds, I got my blood pressure down to teenage levels and maintained it there. I took the machine with me to Iraq (was there 19 months), and then to Afghanistan (19 months), and kept my blood pressure down. I would highly recommend RESPeRATE  to anyone.” 

Lee Jackson was an Infantry officer. In 2008, he went back to work for the Department of the Army, and deployed for 19 months each in Iraq and Afghanistan. In that capacity, he was out with troops on combat patrol more than 60 times. There, his job was to go into towns and villages and learn anything he could about concerns relating to security, and recommend courses of action to meet military objectives without resorting to lethal methods. He returned to the US in 2013, lives in Texas with his wife, and is a full time writer.         

Michael Branwell, UK

Michael Branwell, UK

“I thoroughly recommend RESPeRATE to anyone who suffers from high blood pressure and I am quite happy to discuss what RESPeRATE has done for me with anyone interested.”
Some six or seven years ago, I was suffering badly with high blood pressure and suffering even more from the side effects of blood pressure medicines that I was being prescribed by my G.P. One doctor at my local G.P. surgery swore “they would never give me tablets to hurt me” – and I ended up on antibiotics for a urine infection directly due to this medicine; another lot of tablets gave me swollen joints and a third lot made me so breathless I could not climb a flight of stairs. My BP reached 200/100.Then a friend suggested the RESPeRATE method, which I have been using ever since, usually two or three times a week. Quite simply, it is brilliant.I am now 64 years old and made a new year’s resolution to lose weight and get fitter.

Merle Tresser, IL

Merle Tresser, IL

“It is a great way to start the day”
I have been using RESPeRATE for about two years and enjoy using it. I started using it because my blood pressure rises significantly whenever a medical professional takes it and I thought that RESPeRATE might help me with this problem and help me feel more relaxed when my blood pressure is taken. (My doctor has wired me up with a device that takes my blood pressure every 15 minutes for about 20-24 hours, and the highest reading is always as it is being put in place).
I believe RESPeRATE has helped me be calmer when my blood pressure is taken and helps offset that artificially high reading. More importantly, for me, RESPeRATE is like a form of mediation without the “spiritual” baggage that meditation so often involves.

I should be on a RESPeRATE poster as I consider its effectiveness a miracle.

Hello, I am a 61 years old man and I have had high blood pressure for over half of my life. I started taking medications before I was 30 and have been on countless combinations since then. I have a physical exam every year and my Doctor would just shake his head at my readings and we would try something new. This would go on for a couple of office calls each year until I would get tired of paying the office call bills and I would just give up trying to lower my blood pressure for another year.

I had no side effects from the drugs but not much results either. My blood pressure was 140 over 65 at the lowest and approaching 200 over 75 at the highest. I am fit and very health conscience. I eat smart, control my weight and exercise 5 times a week but had given up on controlling my blood pressure until last September.

My readings were very high over Labor Day weekend and I ordered a RESPeRATE out of desperation for something new to try. I started out using it for 20 minutes a day seven days a week but did not see any results for the first couple of months. About four months into the RESPeRATE use I started getting some pretty low readings in the 120′s over 60′s. My pressure seemed to jump around quite a bit but eventually the low readings outnumbered the higher ones and now normal pressure is my norm.

I regularly get readings in the 105/60 to 125/60 range. I am still taking Bystolic 10 Mg and Benicar Hct 40 but hope to drop one or both some day if these low readings maintain. My next yearly Doctors appointment is in three months and I expect to fill my Doctor in on the wonderful results I have been getting with my resperate.

I do not plan to ever stop using it even if I have to take medication along with it. I should be on a RESPeRATE poster as I consider its effectiveness a miracle. It does take a little time and some effort but it is a relaxing experience and well worth the effort.
I hope my RESPeRATE lasts as long as I do but if not I will buy another as fast as I could. Thank you RESPeRATE!! Larry, IL

I am no longer on the heavy duty meds…

My name is Magdalena Munro and I have been using RESPeRATE for close to five years.

Before using the machine, I was diagnosed with hypertension and was on a fairly strong dose of medication to manage my hypertension. I am fit and not overweight. My condition is hereditary as many people in my family suffer from hypertension.

When I began using the machine diligently (once per day), I found that my numbers dropped by 5-10%, however, I continued taking my medication. It seemed like a nice tool to have in conjunction with my medicine regimen as it lowered the numbers. In July of 2009 I became pregnant and used the machine 3 x a day and was on a very weak form of hypertension medicine approved for pregnancy. By the end of my pregnancy, my physician and midwife began to question whether in fact I had hypertension as my numbers were so low.

I’m still using my machine although it’s hard to be as diligent now that I have a two year old and my hypertension is fully managed. I am no longer on the heavy duty meds and am on a very light dose of a weaker pill. Magdalena Munro, CA

I wish to recommend it highly because it works very well.

George E. Willoughby, UT (RESPeRATE user since Jan 2006). I think it (RESPeRATE) is very relaxing. It teaches me how to breathe slowly.

I wish to recommend it highly because it works very well. It is a very very good machine. My blood pressure went way up while it was being repaired. Everyone should have one! George E. Willoughby, UT (RESPeRATE user since Jan 2006)

I have also recommended the device to my patients, and they too are finding good results.

Dear RESPeRATE, I just want to thank you for your fast, helpful, and professional customer service. I have come to use RESPeRATE 5+ times a week (with great results) and appreciate your recent help. I’m a psychologist by trade and I’ve recommended your website to many of my colleagues. I have also recommended the device to my patients, and they too are finding good results.

My blood pressure had been normal for most of my life (120/60) until all of a sudden it started creeping up into the high range (130′s/80′s); this is when I found and started to use RESPeRATE; this was about 2 years ago. After a few weeks of using it I began to see it go back down into the normal range. I’ve also found it to be great for relaxation. I use it in the mornings, sometimes even up to an hour. I also try to fit it in at mid-afternoon between patients for about 15-20 minutes each time.

Since I started using it I’ve been keeping a chart of my usage and I’ve done a few personal experiments comparing meditation to using the RESPeRATE. I’ve found that meditation alone cannot provide the same results that I get when I use RESPeRATE.To further prove this, I have a friend of mine who’s a psychiatrist; he had high blood pressure and had been meditating for 30 years but could not get his blood pressure down. I introduced him to RESPeRATE and sure enough, turned him into a believer.

Once again, I just want to reiterate that you guys are terrific; your service department went above and beyond the call of duty for me and deserves a lot of credit in helping me attain success with RESPeRATE. Dr. Thomas Putnam, MA

This has worked twice for me so there is absolutely no doubt in mind this product works.

I have struggled with my blood pressure for years which really p*sses me off as I train in Tae Kwon Do 4 times a week, eat really well and am not over weight.

I do like a beer or two at the weekend though (or sometimes during the week) but overall not in the typical demographic. Anyway when originally diagnosed I bought a RESPeRATE unit and used it regularly resulting in stabilizing my blood pressure (along with meds) at 150-140/80-70. I have classic white coat syndrome and at home monitoring and 24 hour monitoring have shown figures much lower than these so much so that my meds were reduced. I fell away from regular use (20mins 4 times per week) and at a recent screening following a very stressful month or so my readings were sky high once again.

So I started using the RESPeRATE again – 20 mins 4 times per week and today went for a retest. Was totally wound up – hadn’t slept since 4am – heart rate was racing in the doctor’s office but hey – 145/80 – thanks entirely in my opinion to regular use of the resperate!
This has worked twice for me so there is absolutely no doubt in mind this product works. It won’t on its own – you have to stick with it and address some of the obvious things in your life style that won’t do your BP any favors. It is now in my night stand and will be the last thing I do most nights of the week (it also makes me sleep much better – man I love this thing)! Kenny, UK

I will be off all medicine is less than 3 months.

My blood pressure was over 175/110. The medicine helped some, but a few weeks after using RESPeRATE the doctor had to cut my medicine in half and now my pressure is still going down. I will be off all medicine is less than 3 months.

When I started using the machine I did not believe it would work, so glad I was wrong! My husband used the machine and it worked for him as well. He was able to stop his medicine. Lise, NV

I love it!

I’ve been using RESPeRATE for a year or so and love it!I use it everyday and even take it traveling with me. When I get bored on a bus, plane or train, I’ll take it out, put on my headphones and relax! I am 63 and have been on hydrochlorothiazide for a few years.

After a few months with RESPeRATE, I was able to reduce my BP from 140/90 to 119/67. I am now medicine free!! This is one product that does what it claims. Like I said, I love it! James, AZ

Have used RESPeRATE religiously for many years.

Have used RESPeRATE religiously for many years (since Aug 2006) in order to keep my blood pressure under control. (140/75 +/- 10% range.)

Successfully resisting the drug and medical community’s poor and often fatal advice.

Did I mention I will be 90 in March 2011? This picture was taken when I was 87 years old. Little difference today. Bill, FL

I highly recommend RESPeRATE for anyone who’s interested in doing whatever helps to keep you healthy!

A friend told me about RESPeRATE about a year ago, and I have been using it daily ever since – with successful results! Not only is it a wonderful device that seems to calm me down whenever I feel stressed or anxious, but it has lowered both my blood pressure over the last year AND the dosage of my blood pressure medications.

I highly recommend RESPeRATE for anyone who’s interested in doing whatever helps to keep you healthy!Ann Stevens, NY

I do have a very successful RESPeRATE story.

Less than a year ago, I was on 40 milligrams of Lisinopril daily. Even on that medication, the lowest I could get my blood pressure was in the area of 140 over 95. I had had high blood pressure for a few years, but was not taking it seriously. The problem with Lisinopril was that I was experiencing nearly all of the possible side effects.

Frustrated, I went to my doctor and told him I was finished with Lisinopril, and if he didn’t have anything else with less side effects, I was going to quit taking the medication entirely and deal with the consequences as they came. I then told him that I had heard if you slowed your breathing down that it could lower your blood pressure. He said that he had heard of RESPeRATE, and said he’d allow me to get off of my meds if I agreed to try it.

I agreed and went home and purchased the unit. I started using it, and it did lower my blood pressure. I then started doing a few other lifestyle changes, and eventually my blood pressure started coming down. Over the course of 9 months, I have combined a change in diet with RESPeRATE, and now when I relax I will get BP readings of around 117/76. If you use this product with other lifestyle changes, they seem to enhance each other for very positive health effects.

I do love this product, and would be happy to share my experiences with you and anyone else wanting to listen. I am a 43 year old male who works as an independent consultant doing computer programming. This is an all natural way of lowering blood pressure while providing overall relaxation. If you wish to further this discussion, I’d be happy to provide more contact information.

Thanks Brad L., MN

The good results tell the whole story!

I have been using RESPeRATE for almost 2 years. My blood pressure readings had been on the high side and I had to chart it for 6 weeks, when I noticed an ad in the USA Today about your machine that lowers blood pressure. I felt it was worth a try to prevent my being put on medication.

Well, to make a long story short, my doctors were amazed that my blood pressure is now in a normal range. I am 76 years old and use the RESPeRATE almost every night. I find it relaxing and addicting and easy to use! The good results tell the whole story!

“Thank you RESPeRATE, I tell everybody about the technology and that it really works.”

I am an active father of 7 children. I take seriously my responsibility for my own health. I have been an EMT for many years and know well the risks of hypertension.

I purchased RESPeRATE on my own. After a month my systolic pressure dropped 30 points and my diastolic dropped 20.
What I find most interesting is that my stress level has dropped. I honestly didn’t feel stress prior to RESPeRATE but since, I feel like my priorities are more in order.

The kids and mom know that Dad’s 15 minutes of RESPeRATE is good for him, and good for our family. Thank you RESPeRATE, I tell everybody about the technology and that it really works. Stephen , MA

“This is a wonderful product that works!”

I purchased my first RESPeRATE in 2008 after taking BP meds for several years. ( Pre-medication I was testing 159/96 regularly at the doctor’s office.) Salt-restricted diet and exercise had little effect. After using RESPeRATE for just a few days, my BP began to steadily go down. I use it only once a day now unless I find myself in a highly stressful situation; then maybe 2-3 times a day, but go right back to daily with the same success.

As of June, 2010, my BP stays at or below 120/80 even at the doctor’s office, and often is 111/70 by early evening. My internist was delighted with my “plan” and encouraged me to keep it up. For me, it is also important to get regular aerobic exercise as well, but it only takes 25 minutes or so several times a week and I never have to worry about spiking BP.

Just purchased a brand-new RESPeRATE Ultra Duo so that my husband can use it as well, and the new design is sleeker and easier to carry. An added feature is a detachable sensor belt, which can be replaced for $25.00 if and when the old one wears out from repeated use! This is a wonderful product that works!Caralinn, TX