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Natural Treatments For Sleep Apnea.

Obstructive sleep apnea is a common and serious sleep disorder that causes you to stop…

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Magnesium for High Blood Pressure

Can Magnesium Supplements Relieve Insomnia?

Each night millions of people in the U.S. struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep….

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sleeping with your dog

Can Sleeping with Your Dog Help You Sleep Better?

A new study, published by the famous Mayo Clinic, shows that having your dog sleep…

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Sleeping is as Easy as Counting 4-7-8

In the U.S., 40 million people suffer from chronic long-term sleep disorders each year, says…

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4 Herbs to Help You Fall Asleep

If you struggle with insomnia or just have occasional trouble drifting off, consider trying one…

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Does Deep Breathing Reduce Cortisol Levels?

Cortisol is often called the “stress hormone” because of its connection to the stress response, however, cortisol is much more than just a hormone …

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Hurricanes & High Blood Pressure: Coping With Disasters.

Hurricanes can be dangerous to high blood pressure. According to researchers at the University of Scotland, drops in barometric pressure can lead to increases in high blood pressure.

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bedtime smoothie

4 New Bedtime Smoothies to Help You Sleep.

Always on the hunt for new recipes for a bedtime nap cap, today we want…

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Can Exercise Improve Sleep?

One way may be by the body-heating effects of exercise, especially when performed in the afternoon…

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When Disaster Strikes: Hurricanes, Trauma and Insomnia

Trauma and Insomnia As Hurricane Harvey was off the Texas coast there were many Texans…

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St John's wort

St John’s Wort for Insomnia

What is St John’s Wort? St John’s Wort is a perennial flowering plant native to many…

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Should You Hit The Snooze Button?

I am sure at times we have all hit the snooze button. Wanting to claim…

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So What Is Standing Between You And A Great Night’s Sleep?

We all have our moments in life when we feel like “Sisyphus”. The tragic Greek …

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hypertension children

More Children Will Soon Be Diagnosed With Hypertension

More U.S. kids and teens are likely to be diagnosed and treated for high blood…

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best sleep mask

What are the Best Sleep Masks for 2017?

I like falling asleep with a good sleep mask on. They block out the light,…

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