The RESPeRATE Ultra Deluxe edition includes a back light that makes it easier to read the screen in the dark or in poor light.

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Product Description

What is RESPeRATE Deluxe?

RESPeRATE Delux takes our devices to another level. Featuring all the advantages of a basic Ultra device, but with the addition of a large backlit screen allowing you to use RESPeRATE in the dark.

How do you use RESPeRATE Deluxe?

    • Put on the headphones and attach the sensor around your chest
    • RESPeRATE’s breathing sensor automatically analyzes your individual breathing pattern and creates a personalized melody composed of two distinct inhale and exhale guiding tones
    • Simply listen through the headphones, and your body’s natural tendency to follow external rhythms will enable you to easily synchronize your breathing to the tones
    • By gradually and interactively prolonging the exhalation tone to slow your breathing, RESPeRATE leads you to the therapeutic zone of less than 10 breaths per minute
    • Within a few minutes, the muscles surrounding the small blood vessels in your body relax, blood flows more freely, and your blood pressure is significantly reduced
    • Use RESPeRATE for 15 minutes, 3 to 4 times per week to achieve significant all-day blood pressure reductions. As with other exercises, regular use enables you to maintain blood pressure reductions

Whats in the box

RESPeRATE Deluxe comes with everything you need to start lowering your blood pressure:

    • Small, portable RESPeRATE Deluxe computerized unit with embedded interactive tutorial and a unique backlit screen
    • Internal memory to help you track your progress – for 1 person
    • RESPeRATE detachable breathing sensor
    • RESPeRATE ear buds
    • RESPeRATE user manual
    • RESPeRATE quick start guide
    • RESPeRATE Deluxe carry case
    • 4 AA batteries

How does RESPeRATE lower blood pressure?

What is the clinical proof?

What are the results?

    • RESPeRATE lowers high blood pressure by up to 36 points systolic and 20 points diastolic ,as shown in seven separate clinical trials
    • RESPeRATE’s personalized and interactive breathing sessions also leave you feeling relaxed and calm

RESPeRATE Deluxe – The Smartest Device Ever

    • RESPeRATE Duo was designed with input from thousands of users. Featuring a large, enhanced display, fewer buttons and simple menus, this unit is a true pleasure to experience
    • RESPeRATE Duo also includes a first-of-its-kind interactive tutorial that effortlessly guides you to expertly harness the natural power of your breathing. It’s like having your own personal breathing coach