Researchers show positive results in moving high blood pressure treatment to the home

Only half of U.S. patients with high blood pressure have it under control despite serious repercussions like strokes, heart attacks, heart failure, and kidney problems. This premise, along with their observation that hypertension affects up to 30 percent of U.S. adults and is estimated to cost around $50 billion annually to manage, led researchers to try and find a practical and sustainable care plan to help patients with uncontrolled hypertension.

The study, recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), comprised 450 patients with uncontrolled hypertension over 12 months. Participants were randomly placed into the ‘office management’ control group or the ‘home management’ treatment group.

Those in the control group received standard blood pressure management ― routine office blood pressure checks, exercise/diet advice and optimization of medical therapy through scheduled visits. The treatment group on the other hand, was given home blood pressure monitors and scheduled phone conversations with trained pharmacists in order to bring the traditional treatment to their home.

The researcher team, including Karen Margolis, MD, MPH and professor of medicine at University of Minnesota Medical School, Minneapolis, found that after a year of intervention, patients in the treatment group not only registered appropriate blood pressure control that was significantly higher than patients in the control group, but they had significantly improved their blood pressure control.

Data was collected six months after the trial ended and the home intervention group continued to show positive results. Based on their results, the researchers suggest the home treatment as an effective and more cost-effective method in not just treating, but in lowering high blood pressure.

Another study mentioned previously on RESPeRATE, titled the Global Blood Pressure Monitor Market 2012-2016, showed that in reality, more and more patients are opting for home-use blood pressure monitoring devices.

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