September 1 officially designated as annual Blood Pressure Day in Texas.

Texas Legislature recently passed an official resolution to establish a Texas Blood Pressure Day on September 1 every year, to raise public awareness of the importance of knowing your blood pressure numbers and how hypertension increases risks for heart attack or stroke.

Research shows that in Texas, nearly 50,000 people died last year due to cardiovascular disease, most of which could have been prevented. This represents one of every four deaths in the state. Moreover, 28 percent of Texans have high blood pressure and over half of these conditions are uncontrolled ― a major risk factor for heart attacks and stroke.

The Society for Heart Attack Prevention and Eradication (SHAPE), a Houston-based nonprofit that promotes early detection and prevention to reduce the risk of adverse cardiovascular events, said in a press release that it recommends frequent blood pressure monitoring “as a critical first step in controlling elevated scores to achieve and maintain heart health.”

SHAPE founder Dr. Morteza Naghavi, said that “both high blood pressure and atherosclerosis are silent killers! Hypertension is silent until heart failure or a stroke happens, and atherosclerosis is silent until a heart attack or sudden death occurs. Traditional clinical care pays doctors to treat patients after the damage occurs but does not pay them to detect and prevent it, this is not smart!” Naghavi is also the Executive Chairman of the SHAPE Task Force, an international group of leading cardiovascular physicians and researchers, which calls for an overhaul of existing cardiovascular healthcare policies.

Harvey S. Hecht, MD, a founding member of the Task Force commented that “Cardiovascular disease has been the number one killer in Texas and the country for too long. Doing what we have done in the past will continue to kill people at these same high rates. We must adopt new strategies.”

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