Calamarine, Seanol combo touted as the latest hypertension super-supplement.

Some scientists claim that a rare type of seaweed discovered off the coast of Korea, contains two ingredients that have huge health benefits including the ability to lower high blood pressure to normal levels.

Biochemist Dr. Haengwoo Lee has conducted a 15 year, multimillion dollar clinical study of these ingredients. The first, Seanol, is a rare seaweed extract from Ecklonia Cava that has powerful antioxidant properties. Seanol is actually the only FDA-approved Ecklonia Cava marine-algae extract available. According to Lee, “unlike nearly all land-based antioxidants that are water soluble, Seanol’s protective compounds can get into things like the fatty tissues of your brain and penetrate all three layers of your cells, including the outside, the oil-based cell membranes, and your DNA.”

The second ingredient is Calamarine, a deep-sea omega-3 that advocates say delivers 85 percent more DHA omega-3s to your heart, brain, joints, and eyes. It’s known to combat everything from fatigue and poor memory, to vision problems, joint pain, mood swings and depression.

Lee has now combined Seanol and Calamarine with a high dose of vitamin D to form Marine-D3, the latest high blood pressure reducing and anti-aging supplement. Increasing omega-3 intake can reduce high blood pressure, but the difficulty in getting enough of it from foods like fish and nuts, has made taking supplements like fish oil a popular option.

Dr. Lee believes that Calamarine delivers some of the greatest concentration of omega-3s known to science. When combined with Seanol’s ability to reduce body inflammation, help cells get the nutrients they need to thrive, stay healthy and protected, Marine-D3 is able to boost a body’s entire well-being.

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