New supplement said to enhance libido for men with high blood pressure.

As men grow older, they become more susceptible to various illnesses, especially regarding their sexual health. One of the major problems that most men over the age of 40 experience is the lack of sexual drive. However, for older men, using conventional libido enhancing drugs can prove harmful especially if they are also on anti-hypertensive medication.

There are even reports claiming that men have died, because they did not use certain libido enhancers correctly or ignored their doctor’s warnings. Another problem is that many of the drugs available do not help customers understand their strength.

One reasons why conventional libido enhancing drugs might be dangerous is that they could increase blood pressure high enough that it becomes fatal for men who are 40 years and older, especially those who are already hypertensive.

According to some claims, the tribulus terrestris plant, also called the puncture vine, can improve libido without the adverse side effects. The plant apparently enhances the androgen receptor in the brain, which in turn produces more enzymes that increases sexual drive.

Choice Nutrition Supplements, a company that produces natural health products including a potent Tribulus Terrestris tablet, said in a press statement that “tribulus terrestris is a natural herb used for treating many diseases including hypertension. According to previous reports, aqueous extract of tribulus fruits may have some antihypertensive effect with an unknown mechanism.”

Despite their claims that it is safe, physicians and health experts still urge the public to make sure that they consult their physician first before taking any libido enhancing drug or supplements. Moreover, the FDA does not regulate supplements, therefore users – especially those on high blood pressure meds, should check for possible interactions and side-effects. Several medical websites also state that there is not enough sound scientific and medical studies to prove the effectiveness of using the plant.

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