Hi-tech kiosks enable users to print their BP readings and access them online.

A company that previously produced blood pressure measuring kiosks, has extended their utility with the introduction of “Smart Card” technology and an a web portal for tracking readings on-line.

PharmaSmart’s compact, easy-to-use kiosks for pharmacies, worksites, health clubs, or other public places, were developed to encourage regular blood pressure monitoring and to improve hypertension awareness, prescription compliance and physician reporting. The kiosks have already conducted over 65 million blood pressure tests each year in North America.

Extending beyond blood pressure kiosks, PharmaSmart offers tools that enable confidential and effective hypertension management. These include a unique patient Smart Card equipped with a microchip that retains a confidential record of the cardholder’s blood pressure readings.

In a press statement, the company explained that when used with the Smart Card, the kiosk prints the cardholder’s last 10 readings with dates and averages of systolic, diastolic and pulse. “An average of 10 readings over a period of time is a much better indication of a person’s blood pressure status than a single reading. When the patient brings the printed ticket to their pharmacist or healthcare provider, it allows for informed counseling, and improved patient management.”

Each Smart Card is marked with a Unique Access Code that also enables the cardholder to access their readings and blood pressure history on-line using the company’s Blood Pressure Tracker™ portal. Users can also share a “live link” to their personal page, allowing their family or healthcare providers to view and interpret their blood pressure readings on an ongoing basis. PharmaSmart does not collect or store any names or personal information and all its products and applications comply with privacy regulations, including HIPAA and PIPEDA.

The company stated that all its products and services support their core mission: “to be the global leader in hypertension education and management through the delivery of innovative blood pressure technology, services, and patient data management.” They hope the kiosks will “revolutionizes the way blood pressure data is managed” and improve hypertension awareness, prescription compliance, and physician reporting.


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