New catheter-delivered device tested on first patient with drug resistant high blood pressure.

California-based technology company Vascular Dynamics has developed and tested a medical device to treat refractive or drug-resistant hypertension. According to statistics, more than 74 million Americans have hypertension and twenty-five percent of them are unable to adequately regulate their condition with medications and lifestyle modifications.

The company announced in a September 23 press release that, as part of broader FDA initiated study of medical devices, it has treated the first patient with its MobiusHDTM device ─ a “passive, catheter-delivered implant” designed for the treatment of drug resistant high blood pressure.

Dr. Chandan Devireddy of Emory University School of Medicine, who treated the patient, said that “hypertension continues to grow as a global epidemic. Despite advances in medical therapy, a growing number of patients suffer from drug resistance and this population has very few options available to modulate blood pressure once they have failed multi-drug therapy. The MobiusHD device might offer a life-changing treatment option for patients with resistant hypertension.”

The device, which is still limited by Federal law for investigational use only, is a nitinol (a nickel and titanium alloy) implant delivered by catheter to the carotid sinus. It is designed to increase the signals generated by the surrounding arterial baroreceptors. Baroreceptors are a type of mechanoreceptor that detect the pressure of blood flowing through them, and send messages to the central nervous system to increase or decrease total peripheral resistance and cardiac output.

MobiusHD is not related to renal denervation, although both are for drug-resistant high blood pressure and are catheter-based procedures. The latter however involves the removal of nerves connecting the kidney to the brain.

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