(Resperate Staff)


: My husband just recently was diagnosed with HTN. He is taking 10mg lisinopril. He quit taking it for 3wks. Then his bp began runing high and he said he was going to just take it when it runs high. Within 1 hr after taking medication bp was within normal level. Also is it necessary to take a diuretic when on lisinopril?


: Your husband is taking a serious health risk by not taking his blood pressure medicine as it is prescribed. Presumably his doctor ordered medicine to control his blood pressure because it could not be controlled by other means: exercise, diet, lifestyle choices, etc.   By taking his medicine intermittently, he gets all the side effects without the benefit of good blood pressure control. You do not need to also be on a diuretic to take lisnopril or other angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors.

If your husband has not tried natural methods to lower his blood pressure, he should start in order to see if he can manage without medication.  However, we strongly advise him to continue his medication until his blood pressure is in control and his doctor advises him to stop his medication.  Your husband should discuss using Resperate with his doctor since it is a natural way to lower high blood pressure.

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