Fox Orlando talks to Dr. Lyn Johnson about how RESPeRATE helps
lower blood pressure and reduce stress.

Cardiologist, Dr Artur Spokojny, and RESPeRATE user, John Simmons, tell
NBC New York how it works to lower blood pressure and reduce stress.

Terry Moser and her doctor explain how Terry was able to get off
blood pressure medications using RESPeRATE.

Paula Carney discusses how RESPeRATE lowered her blood
pressure and offered her new hope.


Dr. Manny Alvarez recommends RESPeRATE as “a timely gift for the holidays!”

“The purpose of RESPeRATE is to lower blood pressure without (additional) medication. Talk about a timely gift for the holidays!”
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Doctors and RESPeRATE users in Chicago talk to Sylvia Perez about how RESPeRATE reduces BP and stress.

“People who use RESPeRATE for 15 minutes a day for 2 months saw their BP drop from 10-15 points and also noticed a reduction in stress.”
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Dr. Andrew Weil recommends RESPeRATE

“I recommend checking out a simple device called RESPeRATE ( that teaches you to lower your blood pressure by changing your breathing patterns.”
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Lower Your Blood Pressure–Without Drugs

More magazine profiles how Rosa DeGraca, working with Dr. Roberta Lee lowered her blood pressure to a healthy level-in just 40 days.
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The CEO of Apter Industies tells Forbes why RESPeRATE is in his “Executive Toy Box”

“Resperate helps me to relax, slow my breathing and get my blood pressure down. It’s simple, convenient and it works.”
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”Slower breathing can lower blood pressure…”

“Mounting research shows that exercises to slow breathing can help reduce elevated blood pressure…”