New User Tips & Download Materials

RESPeRATE is a natural treatment for high blood pressure, lowering blood pressure through breathing techniques. These tips will help you get started:

    • It is important that you perform the breathing exercises without making an effort. New Resperate UserThis means that you should not try to hold your breath or try to overly prolong
    • the periods of inhaling or exhaling beyond what is comfortable for you.
    • It is also recommended not to use any other breathing techniques such as breath-holding or Buteyko during the exercise as these methods may require concentration and effort.
    • If you ever feel that the melody is too slow for you and requires effort to stay in sync with it, simply breathe at the last pace that was comfortable for you. Within a few breaths, RESPeRATE will automatically re-adjust the melody to your new breathing rate and pattern and begin again to guide you toward a slower breathing rate.
    • In the first few sessions, your slowest comfortable breathing rate might be higher then 10 breaths per minute.
    • During the Recognition stage when you first turn on RESPeRATE, breathe normally! Do not try to slow down your natural breathing rate.