Dr. Black discusses how he uses RESPeRATE in his practice
Dr. Henry Black, New York, NY

“RESPeRATE allows my patients to have more of a role in their care”
Dr. Joseph Marek, Downers Grove, IL

Dr. Johnson is interviewed by John Hines of KTLK
Dr. Lyn Ann Johnson, Orlando, FL

“I have been using RESPeRATE in clinical practice, well with a lot of success”
Dr. Tom Richart, Belgium

Dr. Steele demonstrates RESPeRATE to a UK audience on ITV’s morning show
Dr. Chris Steele, Manchester, UK


Written RESPeRATE Reviews

Joel Weinstein, MD,FACS, CA

As a General Surgeon, I am writing this testimonial as both a physician and as a patient. I am 57 years old, and was diagnosed with hypertension about five years ago. At that time my blood pressure(BP) was 160/90. My doctor started me on a diuretic (hydrochlorothiazide) to lower my blood pressure. On this medication, my BP settled down to 130/90.

Six months ago I started using RESPeRATE. I was initially doing this for 15min/day four to five times per week. After one month, my blood pressure was 125/85. I reduced my medication to half a dose and continued doing my RESPeRATE sessions. After another month, my blood pressure was down to 116/78. At this point, I stopped my BP medication and continued with my RESPeRATE sessions which I was now doing six to seven times per week. After another 35 days my BP was 124/84 off any medication.

Naturally, I was very happy to be able to control my BP without medication, but I was also noticing that I was feeling less stress and sleeping better. I increased my sessions to 20min/day six to seven times per week which is my current routine(The main reason why I increased the frequency and duration of my sessions, was because I was noticing a marked improvement in stress reduction. Something that is very important in my line of work).

My BP has continued to improve to the point were my last reading was 107/70 with a pulse of 64 bpm. I have been recommending RESPeRATE to friends and family. I do not treat patients with hypertension, however I have shared my experience with several of the practitioners that I work with to encourage them to consider using this for their patients.

I also believe that RESPeRATE would benefit athletes and performers as a means to overcome performance anxiety. It would be very useful for Physicians in Training to help them cope with the stress of learning how to deal with life and death situations.

Dr. Thomas Putnam, MA

Dear RESPeRATE, I just want to thank you for your fast, helpful, and professional customer service in servicing my resperate device. I have come to use resperate 5+ times a week (with great results) and appreciate your recent help. I’m a psychologist by trade and I’ve recommended your website to many of my colleagues. I have also recommended the device to my patients, and they too are finding good results. My blood pressure had been normal for most of my life (120/60) until all of a sudden it started creeping up into the high range (130′s/80′s); this is when I found and started to use RESPeRATE; this was about 2 years ago.


After a few weeks of using it I began to see it go back down into the normal range. I’ve also found it to be great for relaxation. I use it in the mornings, sometimes even up to an hour. I also try to fit it in at mid-afternoon between patients for about 15-20 minutes each time. Since I started using it I’ve been keeping a chart of my usage and I’ve done a few personal experiments comparing meditation to using the RESPeRATE. I’ve found that meditation alone cannot provide the same results that I get when I use RESPeRATE.


To further prove this, I have a friend of mine who’s a psychiatrist; he had high blood pressure and had been meditating for 30 years but could not get his blood pressure down. I introduced him to RESPeRATE and sure enough, turned him into a believer. Once again, I just want to reiterate that you guys are terrific; your service department went above and beyond the call of duty for me and deserves a lot of credit in helping me attain success with RESPeRATE.

Mary L., (Nurse) Cheasapeake, VA

I think RESPeRATE is great! I love it, I think it’s wonderful. I’m a retired nurse and I mentioned it to my doctor when I first saw it, a lot of things were going on in my life at the time. I had very labile blood pressure which is very difficult to monitor and control, it was that “white coat” blood pressure, it would sometimes go as high as 140/90 at the doctor’s office. My doctor put me on a low dose of Diovan and I told them that I would really like to eliminate the medicine, that’s when I decided to try RESPeRATE after looking and researching the machine for good period of time.

Once I started using it, it really became a welcome lifestyle change; it normalized my blood pressure and I liked immediately how this little device encouraged me to use it consistently by keeping such detailed record of my personal use. I’m a senior and I’ve just experienced the 6 most stressful years of my life, and I’m in my sixties so that tells you something. Just regularly I have a lot of stress, I always have a lot of personal things going on, things with my grandchildren, sometimes even family illnesses and as an elderly person trying to deal with all these things, it could at times get overwhelming on my stress levels and of course my blood pressure. So now that I’ve been using RESPeRATE I am so much calmer and relaxed, it’s funny, family members and friends come up to me and ask me, “How can you do it, how do you handle all this?” I just laugh and respond, “Well, I’ve got this little machine”, and I laugh and they look at me as if I’m crazy until I explain to them what it is. I really would have to say that this little machine has been my saving grace!

I used to get really high spike readings, sometimes up to 156/100, but now after using the device for 6 months the peaks and lows have stabilized considerably and at home I’m constantly in the 100/60 range! It also comes into good use if I happen to wake up in the middle of the night like if I’m a little restless from too much stress or can’t sleep, I’ll just take it and go and do a 15 minute session. After I’m done, I’ll be so calm and relaxed that I’ll fall right to sleep. That little man’s voice relaxes me so much that just the sound of his voice paired with the melody puts me in an indescribable relaxed mood. This is an additional benefit I wasn’t expecting from this device.
As a medical professional and as an individual who has battled high blood pressure for many years I can say that I evaluated this device for a long time before purchasing it, and now I absolutely recommend it to anyone; it’s more than a blood pressure reducing device; it is so simple and so effective, it is truly a lifestyle enhancer. RESPeRATE has been incredibly successful for me in so many ways; I really think this is the best thing I’ve ever purchased.

Dr. Patricia, MO

After two years of using RESPeRATE daily, my blood pressure is now 114/60 (at least 30 points less than in the beginning) and I’m down to 1 blood pressure pill instead of 4. I attribute this to RESPeRATE. I’m 76 now, and for 30 years my blood pressure never reached less than 145/90 until I found this device. I use it once a day, every day for a little more than 2 years and since I started using it my blood pressure has been creeping down.


As it kept going down I eliminated more pills one by one! My blood pressure right now runs in the range of 110/60 but before I started using this machine it used to be in the 160/90 range. I’ve even told my Dr. about it so he can recommend it to other patients. It’s funny, when I tell people about it sometimes they tell me, “well this machine is kind of expensive” and I laugh. I respond by telling them “well, I used to pay $400 a month in blood pressure medicine and I’m no longer doing that, I’m actually saving a lot more now”.


At the time I started this, I knew that I had to take charge of controlling my blood pressure. Medicine was not doing it for me and had me feeling wobbly, dizzy and nauseated. I couldn’t do anything and I didn’t want to live like that. I decided to give RESPeRATE a try and I’m glad I made that decision.


There is one side effect that comes with using RESPeRATE, it’s a psychological one – the great feeling I get from finally being in control of my blood pressure!