published a summary of the American Heart Association‘s report on alternative solutions to lower high blood pressure. RESPeRATE device, uri-nevoEOS12673according to the published report, is a leading strategy to naturally lower high blood pressure, outrunning yoga, diet and meditation.

The report more specifically stated that clinical tests of RESPeRATE have demonstrated “significant” blood pressure lowering results and researchers believe that the device will prove to be even more promising through the years as more and more people use it.

While RESPeRATE followed exercise, the number one alternative treatment to lower high blood pressure, researchers advised that the combination of therapies is more beneficial than attempting just one.

Furthermore, researchers cautioned that exercise requires a doctor consultation and supervision. Not all exercise regiments will benefit high blood pressure patients and could cause complications, especially for patients who suddenly take on intense routines.

It is important to choose the right exercise for in order to see positive blood pressure lowering results. RESPeRATE, on the other hand, researchers stated: “There are no known contraindications to the use of the device and no adverse effect of the device have been noted.”

The researchers recommend first giving alternative treatments a shot to see if you are able to get your blood pressure under control, especially if you have “high-normal or mildly elevated blood pressure”. These methods are cheap in comparison to medications and therefore are worth trying. Even if you are taking medication, the report recommends, trying these alternative methods too.

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