Turning off your cell phone whilst checking your blood pressure may better your results.

While there is no conclusive evidence yet linking cancer and cell phone use, people whose mobiles might as well be surgically attached to their ear, should take some precautions.
Besides the fact that overusing your phone is a fast way to end a relationship ― competing for attention with a mobile device is insulting at best, these studies aren’t that long-term considering cell phones haven’t been around for all that long. For that very reason, the ‘who knows’ doubt factor, children should have limited exposure to cell phone radiofrequency waves.

So what health problems does cell phone usage cause besides the increase in accidents and fatalities, lower sperm count, carpal tunnel syndrome and Nomophobia? A recent study by Guglielmo da Saliceto Hospital researchers of patients having their blood pressure taken whilst accepting phone calls, showed a hike in blood pressure among those who already had the condition. Results were less dramatic in people used to having said device surgically attached to their ear. While the reasons for the hike aren’t yet clear, the less dramatic results were found in the younger patients tested, which might mean younger people are less prone to be disturbed by phone intrusions, or that regular phone users actually feel more relaxed just knowing they aren’t missing out on anything should it ring.

The study’s bottom line is that you have to turn your phone off while you’re having your blood pressure tested or doing any other treatment. Moreover, many studies point to the connection between hypertension and stress and if we cannot be without our phones for the duration of an examination, how and when can we relax? Fears of over exposure to radiofrequency helped people slow the habit, but in waltzed the inventors of hands-free devices to allay those fears and get cell phone usage profits back up and running.

Many of the health problems that have been around for decades as well as new ones that are a sign of the times, remind us that we need to take time away from our busy schedules, and gadgets, for quality, disturbance-free relaxation. No, putting it on ‘vibrate’ or ‘meeting’ is not off!

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