New research ties belly fat with excessive stress.

If you’re dreading summer only because it means trading in your overcoat for a t-shirt that shows the world your belly fat, you’ve probably tried everything to get rid of it. You’ve followed all the latest Hollywood diets, taken up Zumba like it’s a new religion, done more sit-ups than Arnold Schwarzenegger and still, nothing helps. Well, before you spend your hard-earned cash on surgery it might be a better idea to spend it on a vacation.

If you’re trying to make a connection, new research out of the Clinical Institute of Laboratory Medicine at the Medical University of Vienna has finally found the link between stress and the build-up of fat around the abdomen. Put simply, your body secretes more glucocorticoids (a steroid hormone), the higher your stress levels. These little buggers apparently play a big part in making you overweight, because their release kick-starts a molecular chain of events that that sends fat tissue in the direction of the belly.

It’s not just the physical and emotional burden of carrying a tire around your midriff or the limited ability to see your own shoes, but belly fat opens the door to major health risks like diabetes, heart disease, some cancers, and high blood pressure. It is also the fat most often formed when a person is under stress.

All well said, but most of us are stressed most of the time be it from the boss, lack of sleep, a mortgage, raising kids, or any other million examples. Take that poor bunch of potbellied traffic cops in Bangkok who found themselves in basic training for a week. Judging by the traffic in Thailand, it doesn’t take science to prove the connection between their stress and their stomachs. Their training did include yoga and tai chi to reduce their stress and improve blood flow.

The preference of natural remedies over surgery and medication is a global one and covers every single health issue from stress reduction to hypertension. It has been proven, for example, that deep breathing relieves stress and improves overall health. In fact, RESPeRATE is based on this very premise ― it is non-drug, non-invasive and reduces both blood pressure and stress through device-guided breathing.

Of course, after reading this you’re probably more anxious than before, but that’s the point – the body isn’t built to handle endless amounts of stress. If you don’t slow down, summer might be your least concern.

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