Today’s hypertensives have no excuses not to monitor their blood pressure.

There is no reason why people with high blood pressure shouldn’t join the age of hi-tech where gadgets are just a way of life. This doesn’t mean though that patients with dangerous medical conditions, such as diabetics and drug allergies, are not wearing ID bracelets, it means there are different approaches.

If a person in an emergency situation is not able to communicate their condition, the presence of a simple ID bracelet speaks volumes on their behalf. People with high blood pressure should also be wearing them according to one company specializing in medical bracelets and ID necklaces. My Identity Doctor now carries a hypertension bracelet for men and women made with hypoallergenic metal to help people in emergency situations.

According to a company representative, “it is essential for people suffering with hypertension to always have a hypertension bracelet so that in case they are hit with a stroke or any immediate condition, the bracelet would help to speak on behalf of them. Doctors prefer our black engraved hypertension medical bracelets as they are very easy to read.”

The other focus is preventative. Hi-tech companies are racing to ride the wave of wearable tech devices that not only target wireless connectivity (such as linking to a smartphone or the Internet), but also the health and wellness industry.

Broadcom WICED’s innovative smart accessories encompass health and wellness devices such as blood pressure monitors, glucometers, smart watches, and fitness bracelets. Their technology allows two devices to communicate with each other securely via Wi-Fi without an access point or computer.
There are many blood pressure cuffs on the market from the Omron 7 Series Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor that gives accurate readings in 30 seconds to the Withings Blood Pressure Monitor cuff that connects to and iPad, iPod, or iPhone and gives readings in 15 seconds tops. Whatever the device, the benefit for people on the go is that they don’t have to wait till they get home to take their blood pressure or until they schedule a doctor’s visit.
When hypertensives are at home, they would not only benefit from a home BP monitor, but from a device that actually gives treatment. RESPeRATE lowers blood pressure and reduces stress through device-guided breathing exercises. So, while you may have the latest hi-tech device to know and monitor your blood pressure, you could take it to the next level by doing something with this knowledge and actively controlling your condition.

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