National ‘Measure Up/Pressure Down™’ blood pressure campaign receives financial boost.

The American Medical Group Association (AGMA) has announced that it has received a significant donation that will help its nationwide ‘Measure Up/Pressure Down™’ campaign to control high blood pressure.

According to AGMA, the $5,000 donation from Ralphs ― a Southern California Ralphs grocery company, will go towards public education and raising public awareness by focusing on the role of pharmacists and pharmacies in hypertension prevention and control.

“Ralphs pharmacies are proud to partner with AMGA on this critical initiative,” said Rebecca Cupp, VP, Ralphs Pharmacy. “Educating our communities to improve the health of our patients and customers is the focus of our pharmacy teams.”

Measure Up/Pressure Down™ is a three-year national campaign to improve high blood pressure prevention, detection, and control. It is headed by the American Medical Group Foundation (AMGF) ― AMGA’s nonprofit education and research arm. The effort is a response to the risks posed by uncontrolled hypertension, such as heart attacks, chronic heart failure, stroke, and other serious health issues. It is also in response to the fact that high blood pressure affects an estimated 67 million Americans, is one of the nation’s most significant health issues, contributes to nearly 1,000 deaths a day, and accounts for an estimated $156 billion in health care services, medications and lost productivity.

AGMA states that as part of its efforts, “Measure Up/Pressure Down™ mobilizes medical groups and health systems to achieve the goal of having 80 percent of their patients with high blood pressure under control by 2016.” The main mission of the campaign is to “encourage medical groups and organized systems of care to adopt one or more evidence-based care processes that lead to measurable improvements in high blood pressure outcomes.” More than 140 AMGA medical groups and health systems delivering care to more than 42 million patients have joined the initiative.

The campaign also brings together national partners and sponsor organizations to work collectively to provide patients and communities information and tools that facilitate lifestyle changes, medication adherence, and other keys to successful blood pressure control.

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