My doctor immediately prescribed for me high blood pressure medication and I am doing well.  Should I now incorporate natural non-medical therapies to see if I can stop the drugs?

Personally, I view drugs as a last resort. I feel everyone should have a healthy lifestyle and make any needed dietary changes to improve their health. Increasing the fiber in your diet and reducing stress are perfect examples.

There is confusion over what is meant by “natural non-medical”.  For example, I view Resperate as a natural way to control blood pressure.  The device has been clinically proven to lower blood pressure by using the power of breathing.  What could be more natural?  However, Resperate is not non-medical.  It is a medical device that has been cleared by the FDA.

Many people believe supplements derived from plants are natural and non-medical.  They have not been approved by the FDA or undergone strict clinical trials. Yet like so many drugs that are prescribed today, supplements come from plants.  Personally, I don’t consider them any more natural than any drug I prescribe.  It has been known for centuries plants have medicinal properties