I am 5′-8″ and 168 lbs.  I had lost about 17 lbs since last October, when I started exercising more and eating healthier. I currently exercise 4 times a week (mostly cardio, some weights).  Why has my blood pressure gone up instead of down.  Last October I was 138/87.  Now I am about 147/95.  I feel my body is trimmer and fit, but why is my blood pressure deteriorating?  I have been on Crestor 10 mg for several years now and that has not changed.

Weight is not the only risk factor for high blood pressure.  Genetics and age play a role.  It is possible your blood pressure would be even worse if you had not made these lifestyle changes. Make sure you are really eating healthier.  Just because a processed food is labeled heart healthy, natural, or organic doesn’t mean it is good for you.  For tips on healthy eating to lower high blood pressure look into the DASH Eating Plan, which was specifically deigned to lower high blood pressure.

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