I was told by my Dr. that I have narrowing of the blood vessels (restriction) to the heart when I am under stress. The heart pumps hard because of Epinepherine therefore; causing my blood pressure to rise dangerously high. What tests do I need to get to the bottom of the narrowing of the blood vessels?

Your blood fat levels should be tested. All adults should know at least their cholesterol level. Increased blood fats, also known as lipids, increase the risk for narrowing of the blood vessels, atherosclerosis.  You should also be tested for diabetes.  Diabetes increases the risk for blood vessel problems. It is often unrecognized until someone has a heart attack or stroke.

You should also consider speaking with your doctor about incorporating lifestyle changes that include healthy eating, exercise and stress management.  You should consider using Resperate for two reasons:  (1) It is FDA Cleared to reduce stress, which seems to be directly linked to your narrowing of the blood vessels and (2) It is FDA Cleared and clinically tested to lower high blood pressure.   Many Resperate owners find the device very relaxing and have been able to reduce stress and anxiety by using the device.

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