Does being on an airplane for prolonged periods impact blood flow or aneurysms?

 In general, prolonged sitting on an airplane can increase the risk of blood clots forming, especially in the legs.  This risk is higher with people who have high blood pressure, especially if it is not in control.  However, there are many things one can do when flying to prevent complications and enjoy their flight.  Although space is limited, it helps to do a few stretches.  It is also good to get up every two hours to stretch your legs and walk around, as long as it is permitted by the flight attendants.  Tell the flight attendant that you have high blood pressure and you need to get up to stretch.  Since flight attendants are aware of the health risks involved with long flights, they usually are understanding and will probably allow you to get up when it’s safe.  Do be considerate of your fellow passengers.  On long flights some airlines have exercise videos on the personal TV sets, look for them the next time you fly.

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