If a woman had a recent c-section and always had a normal blood pressure of,110/50 or lower, and a few weeks after delivery her blood pressure was 140/90 then 170/104 and 150/96.   She suffers dull headaches, some confusion and can’t think clearly even when she knows the answer.  She is sleeping at least seven hours, but gets tired around lunch time.

What advice can a doctor give her to help her out and feel better?

 Blood pressure for most women, even those with high blood pressure during pregnancy, will go back to normal levels within six weeks of delivery. However, some women get high blood pressure during pregnancy and it does not go away. It has to be treated. Your blood pressure is greater than 139/89, so it needs to be treated. You might want to talk to your cardiologist about using Resperate. It is safe to use with breast feeding because no drugs are involved. It has no side effects and does not increase the risk of developing postpartum (after delivery) depression.

As a mom and physician, there is no question in my mind that caring for a new baby is stressful.  In addition to lowering your blood pressure, the soothing effects of using Resperate may help with some of the anxiety that comes with being a parent. Fatigue and feeling foggy are complaints experienced by many new parents. This gets better as the baby grows and routines are established.