I’ve just recently had high readings on my blood pressure, now that I’m in my 40′s. I’ve recently added CoQ10, fish oil and coral calcium to my regular vitamin supplements each day. I’ve been taking all of it for several months now. I can’t tell if it’s doing me any good or not. Vitamins are extremely expensive and I hate to spend the money if they aren’t doing anything to protect or improve my health. I even worry they could be working against me somehow. I am not on any other medications. Any advice?


In my opinion, it is smarter to eat a healthy diet than to take supplements. More and more medical studies are suggesting supplements are not needed and may be harmful. You should discuss your diet and the need for supplementation with your doctor or a nutritionist, to assure yourself that you are taking the right supplements and the right dose. We suggest reading our post about The Vitamin-Mineral Trio to help lower high blood pressure.

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