A couple of days after my friend *William was back home recovering from his stroke, I got a call from his wife. She was concerned that William’s blood pressure was not in control. Sometimes his pressure was high, especially when he was more active. They called his doctor and had an appointment later in the week. Since I had an older model of Resperate that wasn’t being used, I ran it over to their house.

I told William he should start using the Resperate and would find his blood pressure would be easier to control. It would take a few weeks for him to get the maximum benefit from the Resperate but he should start right away. I assured him there were no side effects from Resperate use and that it would not interact with any of the medicines he was taking. All Resperate could do was help. There was no down side to using it.

Unfortunately, I did not take the unit over with batteries. For reasons unknown to me, I can never find good batteries in my house when I need them. I told his wife she would need 4 double AA’s for the device to work. At the end of week when I called to see how William liked the Resperate, she said they never got around to getting batteries. His doctor had increased his dose of Lisinopril and now his pressure was fine.

What I don’t understand is why a person would rather take more of a drug, or start a drug when they could just breathe to music. What could be more natural? Granted you do have to spend 15 minutes breathing at least three times a week. But taking a pill takes time too. First you have to fill the prescription. Next you have to remember to take it. Then you need to get a glass of water to swallow it with. Some people have trouble swallowing pills so it may take a few tries before it goes down. In addition there are side effects. With William’s prescribed Lisinopril, a drug commonly used to treat high blood pressure, the possible side effects are numerous. Cough, headache, nausea, and feeling tired are just few.[i] In my opinion, the worst possible side effect is having problems with sex. Drug with side effects or device without side effects? It’s your choice. The important thing is to control your blood pressure.

*Names have been changed to respect privacy.

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