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  Have there been any studies done on the long-term use of ramipril. I have been taking ramipril for about 15 years and I know it is not controlling my blood pressure as well as it used to. I think your body gets used to the medicine. I have recently got down to a normal weight, exercise every day, eat healthy, limit my alcohol but still can’t seem to get my blood pressure under control even with the ramipril.

I have searched on the internet and haven’t found any documentation about people being on ramipril for a long period of time. I really don’t want to go on a second medication.


Your loss of blood pressure control is likely related to normal aging. You are 15 years older than when you started taking ramipril. As part of normal aging systolic pressure goes up and diastolic pressure goes down. Taking blood pressure medicine does not prevent aging. Talk to your doctor about a change in dose or change in medication.

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