I’m a male who eats a healthy diet, workouts regularly, lost over 50 lbs since being diagnosed with high blood pressure and am not stressed. No one in my family is in shape or eats right, yet they have good blood pressure. Why can’t I come off of my medications? (lisinopril hctz 20/12.5)


You did not mention your current blood pressure..is it still high?  If you are in excellent control since your 50 pound weight loss, it is possible you may be able to get off your medicine. You should discuss this with your doctor.  It sounds like your family members are lucky or perhaps just younger. Being overweight and out of shape takes a toll on the body.  If your blood pressure is still high, it may be that you just need a bit more time till it goes down now that you are eating healthy and exercising. Keep up with your healthy lifestyle choices and discuss your blood pressure with your doctor.

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