I don’t understand my body any more. I had elevated blood pressure as high as 160/110 once, but now it averages at 140/90.  I can hardly sleep, and have pain in my chest below the breast, difficulty remembering things and I feel nervous.  I have had lab tests and my sugar is normal, cholesterol normal.  I have taken different medications, the last being amlodipine, atonolol and aspirin.   I had side effects with every drug in the form of ringing in both ears for more than 7 months.  What do I do?

 Make sure you are eating properly, have a regular exercise program, and maintain a healthy weight. Many people think only pills can treat disease. Having a healthy lifestyle is the smartest thing you can do for your body.  Consider using Resperate to help you lower your blood pressure.  It has been clinically proven to lower blood pressure and has no side effects. In addition, Resperate is FDA Cleared to also lower stress levels and many users say regular use helps them sleep better and lower anxiety.

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