I’m 48 years old and have had issues with stress and anxiety for the past 10 years. As a result, my BP has been creeping up over the years from an average of 115/70 a few years ago to an average of 135/80 these past few months. I am in excellent health otherwise and very fit. At my doctor’s advice, I am finally starting stress reduction techniques like breathing exercises, yoga, and counseling this week. He’s giving me 60 days to try to decrease it without medication. Is there any chance that I’ve permanently “reset” my BP so that it will never go down again without meds, or is it possible to get it back down to where it was without meds?


It is possible to get your blood pressure in control without medication. This is why your doctor is encouraging a trial of lifestyle modification. You might also want to consider use of the RESPeRATE. It has been clinically proven to lower blood pressure without side effects. Personally, I find it very soothing and relaxing to use.

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