I have high blood pressure for over a year or so, my doctor prescribed me medications and they worked for considerable period. However, at some point the medication stops working and my doctor changes my medication.  Then it happened again, the drugs worked and then stopped to work. The second time my doctor referred me to a Cardiologist for a stress test.

On the day of the appointment my blood pressure was too high to complete a stress test.  He added Bystolic, referred me for a whole work-up of labs and wants me to go for an MRI of the kidneys. 

What would your suggestions be?

 Your body changes with age. You can see the gray hair and wrinkles as they develop, but the inside of your body is aging too. Your blood vessels and organs may not function as well because of the normal aging process.  As a result, your blood pressure medication may need to be changed. Regular exercise and eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables is the best way to help keep you body fit as you grow older.