Can you tell me what percent of people who have high blood pressure actually end up having a heart and/or a stroke?


Worldwide about 17 million people die every year from a heart attack or stroke.  A little over half of these deaths are caused by high blood pressure. (9th edition of Bonow: Braunwald’s Heart Disease-A textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine) The population of the world is about 2 billion people.  This means that around 17 million people die every year from high blood pressure.  Approximately 33% of all adults have high blood pressure.    Based on the above figures, .4% of people with high blood pressure die every year.  Keep in mind some people who have a heart attack or stroke actually die from another cause so this figure is low. I realize this is not an exact answer to your question but medical statistics on the worldwide impact of a disease look at death rates.

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