My blood pressure has been really good since I lost some weight and have been using Resperate.  But, recently when I was scheduled for oral surgery my blood pressure was high–156/99. The dentist saw how scared I was and that I was even more apprehensive about having the procedure with the high blood pressure, and she rescheduled the appointment.

Would taking valerian root prior to the appointment lower my blood pressure before the procedure and calm me down enough for me to get through the procedure.

Many people get anxious before a dental procedure.  The level of your spike suggests that your blood pressure may not yet be in good control. You should discuss this with your doctor.  There is no good scientific data showing that the supplement valerian will help with anxiety.  The studies show that Valerian is useful in helping people sleep.

Try using the Resperate right before you go to the dentist.  Keep the music running through your head and focus on the music and breathing rather than the sound of the drill.  Yogi’s have always believed in the power of the breath.