In the morning, before I take my medications my blood pressure is 183/83.  One hour after medication my blood pressure is 143/65.  Two hours  later my blood pressure returns to 170/74 with normal activity.

What do you advise I do to have better control over my blood pressure?

 This person’s blood pressure is not in control. This person has systolic high blood pressure, because the upper number is always high.  This type of high blood pressure is more common in older people. It can be treated with any high blood pressure drug a doctor feels is appropriate based on other medical problems the person might have.

I feel, that lifestyle changes and Resperate are good for everyone with high blood pressure problems. Drugs have side effects and should be used when blood pressure cannot be controlled by other means.  Unfortunately, even when people lose weight, start exercising regularly and eating right, some will still need medicine to control their blood pressure.