I’ve been diagnosed for over 10 years with high blood pressure. Currently my doctor has me on 4 medications. They are Atenolol (5mg), Amlodipine (Vorvasc) 5 mg, and Lisinopril/Hctz 20 mg and 12.25 2twice a day.

Do I really need this many drugs to control my high blood pressure?  What steps should be taken to reduce the amount of medicine?


 You failed to say if your blood pressure is in good control with all these drugs.  If you are in good control and not experiencing nasty side effects, it is hard to argue with success.  Keep in mind that lifestyle changes may help you reduce your drug needs.  Also, you may want to try Resperate to naturally lower your high blood pressure.

If you are not in control and have made all the recommended lifestyle changes, a second opinion is not a bad idea.  Sometimes a different approach will solve a problem or at least give you a peace of mind.

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