Last week my friend *William had a stroke. He knew his blood pressure was high but did not want to take another drug. Also, he never got around to buying the Resperate I suggested. He awakened feeling dizzy and did nothing. When he started walking funny, his wife made him go to the Emergency Room. She called me once they were put in an exam room and were waiting for a doctor. They had been there for at least 30 minutes. I told her time was critical since it sounded like William was having a stroke. She was shocked. Her husband is an avid hunter and is physically active. He is not overweight and does not have diabetes. Didn’t I think a bad allergic reaction was more likely? Everything was bursting into bloom in Atlanta. Pollen counts were very high. I agreed another cause was possible but it sure sounded like a stroke to me. She agreed to find a nurse and to try to get her husband seen immediately.

William was lucky. His stroke was mild and he has health insurance. His 3 day hospital stay and weeks of therapy will not be cheap. Many people go bankrupt because of hospital bills. Why take the risk? Health insurance is available even if you don’t have a job and aren’t rich. It’s not too late to get healthcare coverage in America under the new marketplaces. Take advantage of the grace period if you started but did not finish your application. Applications pending online will be processed. Those who are accepted during the grace period will not have to pay a fine. However, coverage will not start until May 1st. To find out if you are eligible for a special enrollment period, call the federal call center at 1-800-318-2596. This is different than the grace period. You can still buy insurance directly from health insurance companies but it may cost more. You can buy directly at any time. With the new law, you can’t be turned down because you are sick.

With or without insurance, it is better to control your high blood pressure and avoid a stroke. Controlling your blood pressure does not mean you have to take a drug. Often control can be obtained by other measures. Examples are life style changes and use of the Resperate.

*Names have been changed to respect privacy.

RESPeRATE is the only non-drug therapy cleared by the FDA for the treatment of high blood pressure and the reduction of stress. It is the first medical device that has been clinically proven to lower blood pressure.


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