I get nervous when approached with taking my blood pressure. The first reading is always extremely high. Yet, I find that if I am distracted, (i.e. watching an interesting program, laughing, reading a great book) while I take the reading my numbers are much lower and on occasion the optimal reading.  I do not suffer from symptoms of high blood pressure, but I am overweight.  I want to avoid any medications, what should I do?

Many people get nervous with the thought of having their blood pressure measured and what you are experiencing may be White Coat Syndrome.  People who experience nervousness before having their blood pressure taken – White Coat Syndrome – are advised to sit quietly and relax for about five minutes prior to taking a reading.  Speak to your doctor about how you feel and that you would like to have 5 minutes to relax before your blood pressure is taken.  If you don’t have a regular exercise program, start exercising.   Even walking 30 minutes a day has proven effective in lowering blood pressure.

Even if you don’t lose weight, regular exercise will help with blood pressure control. Since many of your readings are higher than optimal, you might want to start using RESPeRATE. It has no side effects and has clinically been proven to lower blood pressure and reduce stress.  Many Resperate owners use it before visiting their doctor because they too experience the same nervousness that you are describing to us.  Personally I find it very soothing to use.

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