(Resperate Staff)


 Recently at a health fair screening my blood pressure was around 150/90. When I was checking out, they checked it again, it was 180/100, 1 minute later it was 235/100, 1 minute later it was 170/100, they said it was because I was stressed but I should go somewhere different and have it checked. I went to Walgreens Takecare clinic and met with an RN there, where my BP was 150/90. Why the crazy swings in numbers? I do have an appointment with a doctor in a few days.


 You had your blood pressure checked at a health fair. Your blood pressure was not normal. We do not know why you had such erratic readings. It could be error on the part of the taker, equipment malfunction, stress, side effect of a drug, an irregular heartbeat, etc. The take home message of the fair was you flunked the screening test and need to be evaluated more carefully. We are glad you have an appointment to see your doctor. Based on the evaluation by your doctor, you should get a clearer picture of what is going on.

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