I am 51 and have been on Lisinopril for 8 – 10 years for hypertension and it was fairly well controlled on 7.5 mg.  I  started Zoladex following breast cancer to stop production of estrogen and my blood pressure went sky high.  The doctor increased Lisinopril to 50mg with no effect and other meds too.   I was feeling terrible.  After 21 months, my general practitioner stoppped Zoladex to see if it would help.  My blood pressure decreased rapidly and now I am on 10mg after a couple of weeks and my blood pressure is only about 100/ 70, which is lowest its ever been.  I know my raised blood pressure was due to Zoladex, but health professionals seem unaware.  Do you know if Zoladex increases blood pressure?

High blood pressure is a known side effect of the drug Zoladex (goserelin). It is not a common side effect, but high blood pressure does occur in some people who take this drug. With stopping the drug, blood pressure should go back to normal.

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