My blood pressure has been very stable without medication for the past year 106/69 -118/74. In the past month I have had a lot of stress and anxiety and my blood pressure has been in the doctors office 190/90 and at home as high as 175/93 – 116/70. The doctor put me on Xanax for my anxiety. I was currently only taking a half tablet of 0.25 twice daily for a few days now and I have raised it to the whole tablet twice daily to see if I can get the blood pressure back on track. Do you think I should discuss with the doctor about wearing a blood pressure monitor for 24 hours and see the results from that before I discuss medication options as I do not react well to drugs or should I try the Resperate and see what happens?


 You and your doctor should decide the best treatment for your high blood pressure. Since you continue to have high blood pressure on anxiety lowering medication, in my opinion you need to make a follow-up appointment. Bring a record of the blood pressure readings you have recorded at home to discuss with your doctor. Mention the Resperate to your doctor. Many users have found it helps control anxiety. In addition, it has been clinically proven to lower high blood pressure without side effects

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