You might not be able to answer this, but your input would be helpful. I am new to highblood pressure.  I am a 59 year old woman, in good health otherwise. I take Norvasc and at 5mg it seems to hold the numbers. My doctor and I tried to reduce it, but the numbers shot back up quickly. Her instructions were to go back to 5 mg if I had 3 days of high readings, which I did.

My question is: I do not know when I am overreacting to the numbers. Should I be concerned about several days of numbers like 140/90, for example or just expect them to go down again? I have been given mixed advice about this. I am extremely uncomfortable with numbers like 170/100, not so uncomfortable at numbers below that.  Thank you

 It sounds like the 5mg dose of Norvasc that your doctor is recommending, is controlling your blood pressure. Your doctor tried you on a lower dose, but your blood pressure did not remain in control. If your blood pressure is consistently at 140/90 or more and you are taking Norvasc 5 mg every day, you are not in good control. With good control, your pressure should be in the normal range.

You should discuss changing your treatment or adding the Resperate with your doctor.  Resperate can help lower your blood pressure naturally while taking medication.  You may be able to eventually lower your dosage with your doctor’s supervision and keep it under control with Resperate.  Based on what you have shared with us, sounds like you need to take additional steps to help lower your blood pressure in addition to medication or possibly you may discover through natural treatments, that you can lower it.

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