I am 6’7″ and when I weighed 285 my BP was 165/90. On the advice of my Dr. I have lost 30 lbs. My BP is now 170/110. I am on Diovan 160 once per day. Bumping to a 320 per day has not changed my BP. Adding Lisinopril 10MG has not changed my BP.  Is it common to lose 30lbs and have your BP increase? Not making much sense to me or my doctor. My diet is good – low sodium, few carbs (and those are whole wheat carbs). I exercise 3x per week doing cardio and lift weights 3x per week. Where else should I be looking to lower my BP?    Thanks


While it is great that you lost 30 pounds and one of the first steps needed to lower blood pressure, you still need to lose more to reach a healthy weight.  I doubt the increase in blood pressure you experienced is related to your weight loss.  On the contrary, losing weight usually results in a decrease in blood pressure.  You are doing the right thing eating properly and exercising and you should keep it up.  Overtime, this will help keep your blood pressure in control.  In the meantime, make sure your doctor has fully evaluated the cause of your high blood pressure.  Sometimes another medical problem can cause high blood pressure.  Until that problem is treated, blood pressure can be difficult to control. Some examples of medical problems that can cause high blood pressure are kidney disease, thyroid disease and sleep apnea.

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