What’s the benefit of breathing slower? I have high blood pressure. Yet, I breathe about 13 times per minute naturally.


In a clinical practice setting, a normal resting breathing rate for adults is usually considered to range from 12 to 20 breaths a minute. Each person also has some variability in their breathing rate over the day and from day to day. Studies to determine normal adult breathing have primarily looked at rate — how many times the chest rises and falls during a minute.

Clinical studies with the RESPeRATE have shown that breathing less than 10 breaths a minute for a sustained period of time without thinking about breathing will lower blood pressure. In addition to slowing the rate, RESPeRATE also prolongs expiration.

In my opinion, use of the RESPeRATE may help control your blood pressure even though your natural breathing rate may be below 10 breaths per minute.

Learn How RESPeRATE Can Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally