I take Ramipril and Benroflumethazide for high blood pressure. As I have read that most heart attacks and strokes happen at night or early morning, I take the endrofluzide in the morning and the Ramipril at 6pm. At a recent admission to hospital the insisted I took the Ramipril in the morning. Is there a right time? I am also on medication for Atrial Fibrilation.


The best time to any medication is the time that works best for you. You want a time that is convenient and easy to remember so you don’t forget to take your medication. Taking drugs at the same time of day every day allows the body to evenly process the drug. You avoid big swings in the amount of drug that is in your body at any one time.
You get steady protection. Time of day can help with side effects. Certain drugs are recommended to be taken at night as some side effects are masked by sleep.

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