(Resperate Staff)


  I am on Adalat 90mg (Nifedipine), Metoprolol 100mg, Atacand 32mg (Candesartan), Ezetrol 10mg and Aspirin 1-a-day. At 220 lbs, 5’11”,and blood pressure averaging 160/85.   I am very worried and I strongly believe that I am way too over-medicated.  What are your thoughts?


 You are only taking three blood pressure medications. The Ezetrol is a drug to lower cholesterol. I assume you are taking the aspirin on the advice from your doctor to help lower your risk for heart disease. It is not uncommon for three drugs to be needed to get blood pressure in control. Since you seem worried about your health, I would focus on losing weight. Your body mass index is 30. This means you are in the obese category. Losing weight will likely lower both your blood pressure and your cholesterol. With significant weight loss, you may be able to get off more than one drug.

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