40 years old with hypertension for the last year and taking CTD12.5, Aztor20 and amlogurd 5 daily.  My blood pressure was mostly under control until recently when it had gone up to 140/100.  Recent tests show that my creatinine level is 3.9, leukocytes 3-5, erthrocytes 10-12 protein ++ in urine.

Is this all caused by the medications? …and what can I do to improve my health and HBP?

 Your drugs certainly could be contributing to your poor kidney function.  You should talk to your doctor.  Perhaps changing some or the medicine you take would help.  One of the reasons I like to suggest the use of Resperate is that it does not hurt the kidneys.  Unfortunately, some of the drugs used to treat high blood pressure can cause kidney problems as a side effect.