Libido Supplement for Male Hypertensives?

New supplement said to enhance libido for men with high blood pressure.

Published June 23, 2017
4 minutes read

Treating High Blood Pressure

Hypertension can often be controlled with healthy habits and, when necessary, medication. Learn about the…

Published June 21, 2017
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How To Control Food Cravings

We all want to lose weight in order to keep our blood pressure down. But…

Published June 14, 2017
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Fat Sick and Nearly Dead – Joe Cross’ Juice Fast

Did you know that 70% of all disease is caused by life style choices? Only…

Published June 6, 2017
1 minute read

Eating More to Lose Weight

Energy density explains how a study can show participants lose an average of 17 pounds…

Published June 4, 2017
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What Should My Blood Pressure Be?

This is one of the most frequent question I receive from our subscribers. Our blood…

Published June 1, 2017
1 minute read

How The Sun Affects Blood Pressure

We are all aware that over exposure to sunlight can pose risks to our health….

Published May 28, 2017
1 minute read


Many times I have had my blood pressure go out of control because of a…

Published May 24, 2017
1 minute read

Foods to Lower High Blood Pressure

This video shows foods to lower blood pressure. Research shows that 80% of Type 2 diabetes patients have high blood pressure.

Published May 17, 2017
Less than a minute read

Prescription Nutrition: Green Revolution.

Research is now showing that 80% of all disease can be attributed to lifestyle choices,…

Published May 14, 2017
1 minute read